Public Procurement

This has become a very large, €9.0 billion, spend by the government every year. The Government are also the largest procurer of goods, services and works in the country. Eamonn Coyle, qualified to MSc level in Strategic Procurement, assists SME’s secure government works. In the main, and in order to win public contracts, the government require the professional presentation of all of the following documents :-

  • CV’s- Eamonn Coyle offers a specialist service in the preparation of professional CV’s.
  • Previous Experience – Most of the marks are awarded to this category of presentations.
  • Organization Charts – Using Microsoft Visio, these are also professionally prepared.
  • Presentation Folder – It is critical that all information is professionally prepared and presented.

To date, and as per attached testimonials, Eamonn Coyle has managed to secure a scoring of 100% on several key public contracts.

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